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February-April 2015

Well as you would expect, much has happened in the last 2 months since I added to our famly diary. We have sold our little fat bellied foal (Amigo) - it was sad t see him go, but it was never our intention to have so many horses. Charlie also went back to is previous owners as he was rather dominant and in spite of being the second smalles he (as ponnies often do) pushed all the test around a bit too much. Anyway, we had fun while it lasted. So now we ae down to three horses... (India, Avalon and Sultan). The foal (Sultan) is growing and is over 2 years old now. He has not been castrated and it starting to be a bit of a handful, but his ground training is going quite well. He takes the saddle now whilst being lunged :-)))






January 2015

In case you are wondering why there are so many pictures of horses all over the place. The answer is that in February 2013 we took the bold move of buying 2 horses. Of course this was done after much prayer and advice from people with horses, etc. Our equine experience up to that point was almost zero. Horses in Spain are ridiculously cheap just now (the crisis) and Spain breeds some of the best horses in the world (the main breed being the Andalusian/Pura Raza Espanola - or simply known as PRE for short).

Now almost exactly 2 years later Sandra is slowly becoming quite a proficient rider and John is not far behind... the other children are also learning and making good progress. The original two horses are no longer with us..., John had saved up all his birthday money and earnings to buy his own horse (he then swapped his first horse for a lovely PRE mare called "India" - she is the white one seen in some of the photos). Last year in October the Lord put it on our hearts to buy two foals (they are so cheap just now in Spain). The reason for buying these two is purely to sell them on in Germany or elsewhere in Europe - the price in Germany is 3-4 times the current Spanish price here and as PRE's are sought after - so there is a market :-). So our two foal brothers "Sultan" a chestnut 2 year old and "Amigo" a 9 month old (who will be a grey eventually) are being trained/handled by Sandra/John & family (the family get regular "natural horsemanship lessons"once a week at a fairly local riding school. "Helio" - the owner teaches the family - he is a very experienced top horseman - and great progress is being seen).

Now as if that weren't enough... Sandie mentioned a month or so ago that it is a shame that we do not have a smaller horse for the two younger boys. Miraculously a few weeks later we received a phone call from another "horsey lady" that she had a pony that her daughter did not ride anymore. So she asked us if we wanted it as a gift! It turns out that this little pony (quite a big pony actually) is a "jumping pony" and in fact he had won championship competitions :-)). His name is "Charlie" and he has joined the whole family... The one I have not mentioned is another beautiful 6 year old mare called "Avalon" - She looks beautiful and she comes from a very good family line and had stunning movements. All four of our PRE's have the full papers and are registered at the official PRE Society (ANCCE). We do pray that by the springtime latest we will be able to sell the two foals in Germany - that would be wonderful!

This page is where we just write personal things about our life. We intend to record the main events here. We will probably write the "good the bad and ugly" just as we experience things..., of course most of this is pertaining to our day to day "life" here in Spain.

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