Sam just "chilling out"

      Anna (8 years old here)

Andrew & Sandra (on the road)

The Happy boys (beach day)

Joel (7) Dad and Sam (5)

Sam (5)... (pony riding for his birthday)

Sam (5)... (the cheeky look)

Mum & John... (John's first horse "Danko")

Our son John's baptism - December 2013

Personal Photos (mainly family & friends or special events)...

      Switzerland 2015 (first snow ever)

Beauty & the beasts     

      Near Teruel on the way to Austria (2015)

      Sandra & Silver

      On holiday in Iceland (with a polar bear)

      Sandra riding Silver in our round pen

Sam (5)... (spikey look)

Dad & John rejoicing

John plunged under the water

      Jordan on his birthday (with Guitarra)

      John riding his first horse (Danko)

      Dad (postcard from Iceland)

Sam (5)... (swimming at the canal)

Family cycle tour through Valencia - "El Rio"

Dad & son Joel (7)... (Limoges - France)

Dad & John... (swimming pool - Lliria Spain)

      Sandra learning to handle "Danko"

      Anna on her birthday (with Guitarra)

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