Jesus Fellowship 4U
Stand fast  therefore in  the  liberty wherewith  Christ  hath made us  free,  and be  not  entangled again with the yoke of bondage.
Galatians 5:1

What we do...

We would like to help you to make disciples in a practical way

Discipleship like in the book of Acts...!!
When we read the book of Acts, it is striking to see that God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things. The church is growing and continually we read about people being filled with the Holy Spirit. The disciples preached, healed, delivered, baptised in water and in spirit. How did they do it? Can you do it as well? Sure you can!

Change your Thinking!

Traditional churches often send out the wrong message! Far too often they invite people to “come to church.” This however for many people is a big obstacle and puts them off. Is this what the Bible teaches? No, we were given the great commission to go out. We should be ambassadors of God’s Kingdom. We would like to motivate you and help train you to be fruitful right there in the place where God has placed you and manifest Gods Kingdom there!

Our practical desire

We will show you the main points about discipleship. We will go out into the public with you. You will learn to see who are the people that are open for the gospel, how do you lead someone to Christ, how do you pray for the sick, how do you pray for the baptism of the spirit. We will teach you in a very practical way. This concept is not new… it is as old as the book of Acts itself… and right up to date you can get a great impressions see some amazing results by clicking on: